After an incident of a motor vehicle accident, the vehicle is like to be left disfigured or destroyed. The level of destruction on the body of the vehicle depends on the severity of the accident. If your car has been involved in an accident that damaged its shape and you’re wondering how you’ll restore it back, don’t worry; Perth smash repairs panel beaters have got you covered. Their auto body shop has highly skilled service technicians who will take care of your vehicle once you bring it in.

Parts replacement

There are several tasks that are involved during the auto repairing process depending on different damage levels for the vehicle that’s brought in. Therefore, various servicing is carried out based on the amount of damage present. Replacement of damaged parts is one of the most common services done by the Perth smashed repairs panel beaters where brand-new parts are utilized. That’s done if the parts of the vehicle are damaged beyond repair.

Auto Customization

Parts utilized in the repairs are usually created of metals, plastics, fiber, and alloys with glass. Perth smash repairs panel beaters usually work on varied types of automobiles that are brought in by clients for repairs. Auto customization is another service that’s provided by these professionals where different forms of auto bodywork are performed to change or enhance the look and also the performance of the client’s vehicle. Performance parts might be included in the auto parts utilized for the purpose of changing the aesthetics of the vehicle during the repair process.

Planishing Process

Perth smash repairs panel beaters use various technics in the course of their work. As mentioned, in case the auto parts are damaged beyond repair, the planishing technic can be employed. Planishing is a process in which the damaged surface is smoothened using a planishing hammer. The hammering is done against some stake that’s shaped to suit the final desired shape of the auto body.

Putty Application

What’s more, for the case of auto parts with minor dents and cracks, the application of putty is one of the common techniques that are applied to restore the auto body to its factory shape. That’s a sealant that’s utilized on various materials such as plastic and wood.


There are many proven techniques that the Perth smash repairs panel beaters utilize to ensure a damaged auto body is brought back to its original shape. Some of these technics are mentioned above. The professionals work to ensure the best quality auto body for any vehicle that’s brought in for repairs. So, if your vehicle has some dents or damages that need to be worked on, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance.