Beware of getting ripped off by the car dealer

When buy a used car, there a number of mistakes that we make and they prove to be pretty fatal at the later time when we get the car fixed. Buying a used car according to me is quite tricky as thousands of bucks are at stake, an being a commoner not all of us are well versed with some of the basics of the car that one must know as a car driver. Most of us unfortunately happen to be mere driver on the wheel and know nothing about the technical details of the car. Here in this article we are going to talk about some of these fatal mistakes that could cost so high. So stay tuned and focused and read the full article before making a deal in used car.

First of all, never go ahead in buying a used car unless you do not get a carfax report. This detailed comprehensive report carries it all what you really need to know about some certain vehicle and what the owner might be avoiding to tell you. So this report is a big savior and would tell you about the details of the history of the car from inside out and would certainly help you make your mind whether to buy this car or not. all reputable car dealers will furnish you with a copy of this report. This report will reveal whether the car has ever been in an accident before or not. Whether this is a remanufactured car or a fresh one.

Secondly this is highly advised that you must get the car checked by a third party car mechanic. This must not be the one on board to the dealership from where you are intending to buy the car. This must be on your side to tell you the truth. For this you may have to pay 100 to 150 bucks which is a pretty high amount to pay. But trust me this is worth it paying him this money because he could actually save you a lot more bucks potentially.

Finally make sure to have a clearance report from the state authorities regarding the legal position of the car. This certification would tell you whether the car has ever been used in some illegal activity, some robbery or any other legal misconduct. This is a legal protection that must be ensured in all cases. Once you have been through all these three stages, now you are good to go.

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